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As I’ve mentioned earlier in this blog – this year is all about completing my personal transformation.  In taking the journey, I’m finding that the World has turned into a village of mentors and teachers – from all walks and corners of life.

Today, I’ve been hit with an article from the blogosphere that poses the question:  Am I a hummingbird or an Eagle, when it comes to pursing the so called “American Dream.”

Honestly, the question has never crossed my mind, but as an entrepreneur and self-made human in the making, it’s an important one.

The following, is an excerpt from Will Marre, former President of the Covey Leadership Center.  It appears he, like many of us is on a quest as well.  Check it out…

I see it all the time now.  The hummingbird effect.  Hummingbirds flap their wings up to 70 times per second to stay in the air.  70 times a second.  Whew!

Eagles on the other hand don’t flap much at all, yet they can fly up to 80 miles in an hour.  Their secret is they surf the wind.  They catch currents and thermals and just zoom.  We’ve become a nation of hummingbirds.  It’s what happens when stress overwhelms us.

We now know a lot about the physical, emotional, mental circus that noisily plays inside us when we are under constant, unrelenting stress.  We either start flapping our wings frantically like a humming bird trapped in a glass room smashing ourselves against windows that look like a way out but aren’t, or hide in our nest.  Unending stress makes us feel powerless.  At first this makes us angry, then sad, and ultimately hopeless.  Desolate.

This is what I see in America’s workplace.  Frantic wing-flapping or hopeless disengagement.  This recession has, to use a phrase of my mother’s, knocked the stuffing out of us.  Let’s face it.  The last ten years have been a whopper.  8 million of us lost our jobs and many of those jobs are permanently gone.  We’ve been rocked by the dot-com bust, Enron, World Com, subprime defaults, foreclosures, Wall Street casino games and oil spills.  The suffering of 9/11 has become a never-ending ache of Iraq and Afghanistan.  And all of this is being narrated by an apocalyptic media who merchandise fear, anger and despair like 31 flavors of imminent personal catastrophe.

All of this might be livable if we simply shut off the noise, but the biggest stress has seeped under our doors like toxic smoke.  It’s the sinking fear of economic starvation that drives our work life.  All of us know people who have lost their jobs and haven’t found a new one.  All of us know people who have been forced to move in with others.  Most of us still juggle debt we thought we could handle.  And many of us work for companies, even good companies, that have laid off too many people and pushed the extra work around the way a farmer spreads manure over a garden patch.

Layoffs and trying to bloom through a new layer of fertilizer has happened many times before.  But not like this.  The economists who track the numbers say the past two year’s rise in worker productivity is the greatest in history.  But worker productivity is basically a measure of revenue divided by worker pay.  Thus if managers can fire workers faster than sales decline, productivity magically goes up.  Profits too, at least temporarily.   But real life is not found in spreadsheets.  And in real life all I see is hummingbirds.  People flapping their wings to the point of exhaustion.  Literally.

Last month, a sweet woman who recently found a new job told me that in her previous job at a large company a close colleague was so stressed out over wave after wave of layoffs that she began to suffer form fainting spells and heart palpitations.  This is what happens when our hormones trigger biological responses that constrict our blood vessels.  She refused to take time off or go to the doctor because she feared she would be singled out as a weakling or worse a health care risk.  Her husband had already been laid off so her fear was not unwarranted.  One morning she started to have a panic attack.  She refused to let her friend call 911, said she would be fine and would go lay down in an empty office.  Her friend called the sick woman’s husband and then went down to the darkened office.  She was dead.  A heart attack had stolen her life.  Sadly, I am not making this up.  Are we really working ourselves to death?

This is more than sad.  It’s tragic.  And it’s driven by, as Einstein said, counting the wrong things and not counting the things that should be counted.  Firing people and forcing the survivors to do more work is not leadership.  It doesn’t create more value.  Value is created when we innovate and invent.  These are creative acts that arise in positive work environments where the rhythm of human life is respected.  The invisible air currents that help us soar at unthinkable heights are not sensed when we are madly flapping.  Those opportunities only come when people have the calm to see what was previously invisible.  Work environments that create conditions for human innovation or extraordinary value are drying up, so we must create them ourselves.

The original American Dream was driven by the ideal of self-sufficiency.  Brave nation builders came to our country willing to clear a field of rocks and stumps so they could plant.  Today our farms are our minds.  It is over-time to take the rocks out of our heads and plant for a more secure, self-determined personal economic life.  We must learn how to become extraordinary at what we are passionate for.  We must learn to be economically literate and create a sustainable lifestyle.  We must find time to rest our wings and find ways to soar.  It’s possible.

Last evening we were walking through our neighborhood and ran into Jake.  He’s a young-in-his-30’s, constantly smiling, life-loving, neighbor who we originally met when he was waiting tables at a local pizza place.  He learned to use a video camera making movies of local skateboarders.  He talked himself into a local skateboard manufacturer as their performance team manager and videographer.  The company has exploded with growth (Who would have thought?) and Jake told us he was on his way to Europe for a month, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy, to compete as a member of their high-speed downhill demonstration team.  I know…Jake is an example of a guy who lives near the beach in one of the most ideal communities in the world getting paid to ride and film skateboarding around the world.  It may not be your dream.  But it is his.  Jake will not die in an empty office.  And neither should you.

What’s the best thing you can do?  Don’t leap.  Wisely plan to take control of your economic future.  Choose, adapt, live.  Really live.  This week we celebrate our independence.  Be  sure to celebrate yours!


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I’ve been crazy-busy getting a start-up through the last mile (to funding -ya!), but one of my mentors shared this with me today.   No words are necessary folks – take 3 minutes outta your day, you may find you’ll do a happy dance.  Enjoy.

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Gratitude. One of the things I struggle with mastering. It should be something as natural as breathing, and for some I’m sure it is. For me, it has to be learned and consciously focused on until it becomes a habit. Of all the things a person could be addicted to, Gratitude would be one fine addiction!

So in keeping with my objectives this year, gratitude plays a vital part. In my exploration, I ran across the following little gem. Take from it what you will…~C

Did you know that there is an effective and an ineffective way to express gratitude?

Unfortunately, the ineffective way is far more common.
It is sort of the default form of gratitude that most people fall into. I was stuck here for a really long time until I found a far more powerful way to practice gratitude, one that moved me into perfect alignment with abundance and greatly accelerated the Law of Attraction.

First, let me talk about the ineffective way to express gratitude. This is gratitude that you express that is related to what is happening in your life right now.

It is closely related to the gratitude and appreciation we learn to express as children (i.e. to say thanks) and that is probably why it is often the default and why so many people get stuck here.

Ineffective gratitude includes things such as:
* your health
* your relationships
* your material posessions
* your friends and family
* a nice vacation

I am not saying that there is anything wrong with this form of gratitude. All I am saying is that it is not nearly as powerful as what I am about to show you.

Often the problem with the above form of gratitude is that it comes from a place of lack. If you have ever expressed gratitude while thinking “at least… I am healthy, or at least I have a great family” then you know what I mean.

This form of gratitude is extremely week because it is based on the present circumstances. In other words, this form of gratitude is conditional. It makes it sound that you are grateful “only if you have good health, a great relationship, etc.”

Unfortunately, conditional gratitude fails to activate the law of attraction. The universe does not respond to conditional requests.

The second form of gratitude is complete in that it is a celebration of life itself, for all the experiences you are having. One other key difference is this.
Effective gratitude comes from an underlying attitude vs. a temporary focus on one item or thing to be grateful for.

With practice, this holistic form of gratitude can become second nature. When it does, the law of attraction will flow far more easily into your life.

The more powerful form of gratitude includes items such as:

* your life
* this awesome planet
* for being who you are
* for future events
* for problems, challenges, and hardships
* for your mistakes
* for your mind
* for your freedom

In other words, you become grateful for this amazing journey of your life regardless of what happens and where it takes you because you know that it is just right for you and that everything is happening for a reason.

When you are expressing effective gratitude, fear and loss disappear. There is no focus on any lack and when you reach this state, that is when abundance can truly start flowing into your life.

Being grateful for what you have in your life (your health, relationships, etc.) has its place. But when you start feeling truly grateful for everything that is happening in your life and open your heart, you will be amazed at how quickly the universe will start to answer.

So, start creating these feelings now, even in the most unlikely or unpleasant circumstances and notice how you begin to attract whatever you focus on into your life.

Source: www.GratitudeLog.com

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EFT tapping helps us drill down right to the “blockages” – it’s physical and invokes our greatest BS detector – our emotional self. Feel good? It’s worked/working. Feel bad or the same? Nothing’s change, keep at it.

EFT cleanses the mind, so what can we do to nurture the soul, once we are free of these god-awful blocks?

Meditation, affirmation, intentions – all of this is good, and I also think cleansing the soul is also important. This is what I’ve found to help accomplish this. (IF YOU CAN THINK OF OTHER METHODS/TECHNIQUES that enrichen the soul and spirit, please share)

Ho’oponopono (Huna tradition)

The basic premise:

Ho’oponopono is not a religion With Ho’oponopono there are no teachers, gurus or high priests. Ho’oponopono practitioners know that the Creator is the only teacher there is. yes, there are those who are more experienced in the practice of Ho’oponopono, but they are regarded in the same way you would regard an older brother or sister.

Ho’oponopono is a tool for atonement, for correcting errors, erasing the effects of past actions and memories that cause havoc and grief in our lives, the lives of others and on mother nature as a whole.

Ho’opononpono has but one requirement: You have to be willing to accept that you are responsible for everything that has happened/is happening in your life. For a lot of people, this is a deal-breaker. If you aren’t willing to be responsible, this system will not work for you – find something else, but if you’ve embraced concepts like the Law of Attraction, you should be okay with this. (I know, it’s still TOUGH)

When faced with any adverse situation, the Ho’oponopono practitioner will immediately ask “What is it in me that is causing this event to take place, this person to behave this way, this sickness to manifest? etc”. Ho’oponopono practitioners know that blaming others is a sure way for making sure of the recurrence of a problem.

There is a lot of free information on the web about Ho’oponopono and I recommend you do a little exploring. In the meantime, here is the basic cleansing meditation that’s common in all of the Ho’oponopono rituals:

“I am sorry”
“Please forgive me”
“I love you”
“And I thank you”

The following explanation comes from the following source: http://www.thereisaway.org

“Dear Father:”
Here we acknowledge the Creator who gives Unconditional Love. If you believe that you are the result of an explosion or worse still that you created yourself, you are going to have a lot of trouble with this one.
The word Father means “Giver Of Life” and I am sure you realise that it has nothing to do with bearded patriarchs.
Addressing the Creator is fundamental to this process, since only the Creator can fix the mess that we (and our ancestors) have created.

“I am sorry”
This statement opens the door to atonement. The moment you take responsibility for any negative manifestation you experience or witness you also create an opportunity for healing.
The apology is not directed to the Creator. The Creator is Spirit and does not need nor care about apologies.
The apology is an acknowledgement that we are sorry for whatever it is that we (or our ancestors before us) have done to cause the adverse circumstance to take place.
There is no need to grovel, just a simple “I am sorry” will do.

“Please forgive me”
We are asking for forgiveness for having forgotten how much the Creator loves us.
We are asking for forgiveness for having shut out the Creator from our lives and missing out on all the wonderful experiences that we could have had.
We ask for forgiveness with the absolute certainty that it has already been granted. The Creator is Spirit and is Unconditional Love, incapable of experiencing feelings of anger, resentment and all the other ego related neurotic behaviours that afflict humans.
It is important to note here that Ho’oponopono practitioners never have to forgive anyone, since they realise that all wrongdoing is the result of their own wrong action or memories–past or present.

“I love you”
When Jesus was asked “which is the greatest commandments of them all” he surprised everyone (typical) and stated “You shall love the Lord Your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”
Love is a great healing power. Sending the Creator an SMS of love will reverberate through your psyche and generate an immediate feeling of well being.
Once again being pure Spirit, the Creator, does not need your love, but the very act of thinking loving thoughts will tune your mind to that frequency with remarkable and immediate results.

“And I thank you”
As stated earlier, whatever your petition or concern, the moment you take responsibility for its occurrence and seek a way out–you are guaranteed a response.
Almost invariably the response will never be what you expect (or in some cases want)–but what you need to start the process of healing or reconstruction.
Your “thank you” is the acknowledgement that your petition has been heard and acted upon–that is all.

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Yesterday I went deep – exploring EFT. While listening to Carol Look’s podcast, I discovered some very profound insights from Emanuel Swendenborg, an enlightened soul who lived in the late 1700s. What follows are some of the key takeaways:

Experiencing Heaven or Hell while living on Earth:
Keys to living in Heaven – Focus on what is Life Sustaining

The most profoundly life sustaining things; things that live in Heaven that you can give your attention to are:

I don’t have love, I am love
I don’t have God Consciousness, I am God Consciousness
I don’t have value, power and worth – I AM IT

And as God Consciousness:
I can’t create a learning experience that I don’t need
Everything I am doing is bringing me enlightenment and I can be grateful for it

I can trust my human experience
I can trust where I am going
I can trust what I am doing

These things live in Heaven.

“We have to live according to what we love – if you give your attention to a limited thing (how am I going to pay the bills; everyone is going to be happy except me, tec.), you have to live within the confinds of that…

If you give your attention to an unlimited truth, you get to live in an unlimited place

And if you give your attention to a limited thing, you have to live within the confinds of that

“The human experience is such a profoundly spiritually accelerating opportunity. Because when we as spiritual creatures come to the planet, and inherit the physical body, it comes complete with the nervous system. So here on the Earth, we have to “feel” the consequences of what we give our attention to…”

Focus on what is life sustaining, unlimited – until you feel it. The nervous system keeps it real, keeps you honest…

“My car accident” “The car accident”

Focus until you FEEL IT – The feeling body is the ultimate higher truth barometer …The intellect has a very supple talent of deceiving us (“Oh no no no we’ve already dealt with this…”)

Trama – car accident – you talk about it for 3 months – you own it “My car accident” it’s just an experience: “The car accident”

YOU are a force of Diviine Love, so when a car accident appears in your life – you don’t keep owning it. It’s “the car accident” it’s not who you are…

Languaging is extremely important in letting these experiences come and go, to get through it which we are designed to do…


There are two forks in the road: One fork, you are only as good at something as you have practiced at – most of us are very practiced at being self-judgemental, self-critical, and self-diminishing.

The other fork in the road – “If you are looking for the magic door that leads to an elevator that opens where you can get in to it and you can start ascending – it’s GRATITUDE. Start practicing being grateful for the health that you do have, the money that you do have, the people in your live that love, encourage and support you today and allow yourself to be possessed by an attitude of gratitude because what that does is that it focuses your attention towards what lives in an unlimited place. It allows you to start living a heavenly existance.”

To make a radical shift in your life – Gratitude is the accelerator…


You have to accept where you are right now and it doesn’t mean you have to be stuck…

You can’t change what you are not conscious o “Accepting where you are will allow you to take the journey to change”

The Universal Truth – There is only the One; there is always infinite abundance (There is only one God) – one Love, one Life, one Abundance and we are all sharing it…

Ego – Frontal Lobe- Designed for solving limited problems in a limited world (pay bills, balance checkbook, dress, droom) Deceptive. It resists acceptance; ego contaminants the present moment because it wants to blame it for x…

The EGO subtly hates the present moment – prefers reliving the past, living in the future

It’s a temporal problem solver…

5% of your daily life are you solving a temporal problem in a temporal world

Relationship problems – can’t be solved by the ego/intellect…

The Swedenborg Foundation: www.swedenborg.com

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I’m seeking the fourth dimension.  I want to go beyond empowerment, beyond striving for things and simply be.  This is want this year is about for me – bringing what’s inside me out into the world and thus remaking the world…~Chris


And Five of Them Were Wise (excerpt from The Secret Door to Success)  http://florencescovelshinn.wwwhubs.com/secret.htm

“And five of them were wise, and five were foolish.

They that were foolish took their lamps, and took no oil with them.” –Matt. 25:2-3

My subject is the parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins. “And five of them were wise, and five were foolish.  They that were foolish took their lamps, and took no oil with them. But the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps.”

The parable teaches that true prayer means preparation…

Jesus Christ said, “And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive” (Math. 21:22).

“Therefore I say unto you, what things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them” (Mark 11:24).

In this parable he shows that only those who have prepared for their good (thereby showing active faith) will bring the manifestation to pass.

We might paraphrase the scriptures and say: When ye pray believe ye have it. When ye pray ACT as if you have already received.

Armchair faith or rocking chair faith, will never move mountains…
In the armchair, in the silence, or meditation, you are filled with the wonder of this Truth, and feel that your faith will never waver.  You know that The Lord is your Shepherd, you shall never want.

You feel that your God of Plenty will wipe out all burdens of debt or limitations.

Then you leave your armchair and step out into the arena of Life. It is only what you do in the arena that counts.


I will you give you an illustration showing how the law works; for faith without action is dead.

A man, one of my students, had a great desire to go abroad.  He took the statement: I give thanks for my divinely designed trip, divinely financed, under grace, in a perfect way.

He had very little money, but knowing the law of preparation, he bought a trunk.  It was a very gay and happy trunk with a big red band around its waist. Whenever he looked at it it gave him a realization of a trip.

One day he seemed to feel his room moving. He felt the motion of a ship. He went to the window to breathe the fresh air, and it smelt like the aroma of the docks.  With his inner ear he heard the shriek of a sea-gull and the creaking of the gangplank. The trunk had commenced to work. It had put him in the vibration of his trip. Soon after that, a large sum of money came to him and he took the trip. He said afterwards that it was perfect in every detail.

In the arena of Life we must keep ourselves tuned-up to concert pitch.

Are we acting from motives of fear or faith? Watch your motives with all diligence, for out of them are the issues of life.

If your problem is a financial one (and it usually is) you must know how to wind yourself up financially, and keep wound up by always acting your faith.

The material attitude towards money is to trust in your salary, your income and investments, which can shrink over night.

The spiritual attitude toward money is to trust in God for your supply. To keep your possessions, always realize that they are God in manifestation. “What Allah has given cannot be diminished,” then if one door shuts another door, immediately opens.

Never voice lack or limitation for “by your words your are condemned.”
You combine with what you notice, and if you are always noticing failure and hard times, you will combine with failure and hard times.

You must form the habit of living in the fourth dimension, “The World of the Wondrous.” It is the world where you do not judge by appearances.

You have trained your inner eye to see through failure into success, to see through sickness into health to see through limitation into plenty. I will give you the land which you though seeth.”

The man who achieves success has the fixed idea of succes. If it is founded on a rock of truth and rightness it will stand. If not, it is built upon sand and washed into the sea, returning to its native nothingness.

Only divine ideas can endure. Evil destroys itself, for it is a cross current against universal order, and the way of the transgressor is hard.

“They that were foolish took their lamps, and took no oil with them. But the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps.”

The lamp symbolizes man’s consciousness. The oil is what brings Light or understanding.

“While the bridegroom tarried, they all slumbered and slept. And at midnight there was a cry made. Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him. Then all those virgins arose, and trimmed their lamps. And the foolish said unto the wise, Give us your oil; for our lamps are gone out.”

The foolish virgins were without wisdom or understanding, which is oil for the consciousness, and when they were confronted with a serious situation, they had no way of handling it.

And when they said to the wise “give us of your oil,” the wise answered saying, “Not so; lest there be not enough for us and you: but go ye rather to them that sell, and buy for yourselves.”

That means that the foolish virgins could not receive more than was in their consciousness, or what they were vibrating to.

The man received the trip because it was in his consciousness, as a reality. He believed that he had already received. As he prepared for the trip he was taking oil for his lamps. With realization comes manifestation…

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The Sixth Meditation: Faith to Creation

Here in solitude, in this time of peace, of meditation, I withdraw deep into the silent recesses of my being to a place of utter calm. Slowly, the world retreats from around me, until finally I am alone. Walled away from all clamor and strife there is nothing but me. I am not body; I am not thought; I am not experience; I am not the past nor the present nor the future. I simply am.

Across my consciousness comes a constant procession of thoughts and I observe them. I do not make up these thoughts. I know they come from the Universal Subconscious Mind, and I watch as they are presented to me. I slow the train of thoughts. I examine each of them, then let go, neither accepting nor rejecting. On and on the thoughts come, and I ask myself, “Who is it that observes this?” And I hear the answer, “Thou that art, always have been, and always will be—thou observest,” and I understand.

Divorced from body, thought, and experience, I still exist as I always must. Here then is my true self, a thing independent of all but spirit, a contemplative “I,” which only observes and chooses from the thoughts that cross consciousness.

Whatever I choose is mine. Whatever I reject shall never touch me. I need only observe and accept, and all things will be added unto me by a power which leaps to acknowledge my faith and my decision.

I sense such warmth and security as might overflow the world. I sense a fusion of my being with the great Universal Subconscious Mind, the mind of Spirit. I sense the presence of the Father who knoweth no wrath, who does all things at his child’s bidding. I sense my union with this Father by immutable and irrevocable bonds.

I am one with all truth, all beauty, all justice, all love.

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