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The Fifth Meditation: Intuition

I listen to the voice of the universe as it speaks within me. It is the voice of truth and it guides me unerringly along the paths of my life. Somewhere deep within me, in the perfect bud of my soul, there stands an immobile universe where all things and all law lie revealed. I reach within to this place of peace and quietness. I harken to the voice of my heart.

I close my eyes and sense a living, breathing universe dwelling within me, and I dwelling in it. I am one with all people and all life and all things, I move in accordance with divine law. All the limitless power of creation is mine to draw upon, for it is in me and one with me and I am a part of it.

The answer comes with the question; the path is lighted with the first step; the way is cleared with the looking; the goal is in sight with the desire. I know that I am fulfilling the fondest wish of Spirit, for I place myself in His hands, taking each step of my life boldly and strongly, for it is Spirit who prompts me, and Spirit moves with sureness.

I see tomorrow for I know today, and this day is father of tomorrow. The things of my life are the children of my thoughts, and my thoughts of today are even now bearing the children of tomorrow. All that is good I desire; all that is evil I refuse to accept. By attaining, I do not deprive.

All that is and ever will be is available to every man; he need only ask and it shall be given. I bind myself to the power for good that surges heavenward all around me. The limits and inhibitions of my past are gone. Each day is a new birth of my soul. Each day is another step on my journey to a oneness with Spirit.

I do not seek, I know. I do not strive, I am guided.


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The Fourth Meditation: Form

I know that all of life exists within me.

Here in my heart and mind, in the recesses of my being, there is utter calm, a place of unruffled and placid waters, where the truth is apparent and the clamor of the world does not exist. I see about me the thoughts of all mankind, for these thoughts have become things. Whatever is good among these thought-things I accept; whatever is evil I ignore; for my concern is only with truth and understanding, which is forever the lovely and the good and the expanding.

My mind moves easily to the furthermost reaches of space, in all directions, and just as easily moves back to me once again. I am the center of the universe. Spirit, the Universal Subconscious Mind, has made himself manifest through me.

I know that my purpose in life is to reach ever upward and outward, to expand in knowledge and love and unity. I place my future in divine hands. I turn over each problem of my life to that great all-knowing mind to which all things are possible. I do not tell Spirit how to bring these things about. I have complete confidence that every circumstance that comes my way is part of a perfect plan to convert the image of my faith into physical reality.

Even now the universe seeks to answer my every need. As I believe in my heart, so shall it be done unto me; this is the law of life and of living. There is greatness in my friend and in my enemy, for we are all brothers seeking the same high mountain along many paths. Spirit, who made all creatures, made no poor creature, for He made only of himself.

I am prosperous for Spirit owns everything. I am vigorous for Spirit is all vigor. I need only open my mind and my heart, keep my thoughts in the path of truth, and I am filled to overflowing with the power and abundance and love of the universe.

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The Third Meditation: Mind

I know and recognize my oneness with all things.

I know that all form and all circumstance are the creation of an infinite intelligence that is in and around me.
I know that all things are the result of conception and desire, that my world is ordered according to my own thoughts and convictions.

Therefore I concentrate on harmony. I see nothing but order and constructiveness all about me. I do not accept thoughts of destructiveness and disharmony. In my friends, my loved ones, my fellow workers, I see nothing but cooperation and assistance.

I know that we all seek the same answers and the same goals. I know that each person must follow a different path toward his vision, and I understand the searchings and the copings of everyone I know and see. I have sympathy and tolerance for all things and all people. I know that inasmuch as I help others I help myself. In my brother’s eye there is my own soul. In my friend’s smile there is my own humor. In my neighbor’s sorrow there is my own loss.

I have compassion and understanding for all things, for this life in which I have my being strives for understanding of itself. I deny error; it is simply progress toward truth.

I know that it is impossible to fail when faith is present. I do not order things to be made in my time or in my place, but trust the Universal Mind in its own great knowledge of the time and the place and the need and the way. Each moment of each day brings my life closer to realization. The objects of my work are being accomplished this very minute.

Success and harmony, peace and confidence are mine.

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The Second Meditation: Illusion

I know that I am one with the Universal Mind.
I know this mind is perfect and I may rely upon it for complete guidance in all of my daily affairs.

This Universal Mind, this great Subconscious Mind, this mind of Spirit, knows no evil or limitation or lack.
It simply creates in my experience that which I believe and accept. Therefore, I deny all evil and all error.

When my eyes and my senses are deluded with the apparent circumstance of evil, I turn away, lifting my thoughts to the perfection and abundance and love of all the universe. I know that Spirit does not create evil; and I know that by using the power of Spirit, I am able to deny evil, which is only illusion, simply error, and will not stand before truth.

For the great reality is good, which is always attempting to manifest itself.
I know that error or evil is the result of my own thought, is the result of error on my part, is the result of isolating myself from the power of the Universal Mind.

I know that the Universal Mind is constantly creating in my experience that which I think, and if evil is manifested, it has come from my own thought; and my own thought may as quickly deny it. I do not will anything to happen, for I am not bigger than Spirit.

I simply understand that the law of creation is bigger than I am and that I cannot help my thoughts and beliefs from becoming real in my experience. Therefore, I hold my thoughts steadfastly on the good. I do not do this with effort, as if I were commanding something to act.

I simply relax in contemplation of the good, secure in the knowledge that everything rests with a power much greater than I am. I trust this power. I have complete faith and confidence in this power. I rely upon this power for guidance in all my daily affairs. I refuse to accept evil, and evil is gone. I accept good, and the supply and love of the universe are mine.

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