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To Friends and Family:

For many of us – myself included, 2010 was a year of transition and growth.  For me personally, 2009 was a year of tremendous challenge.

For most of the year, life demanded from me that I “walk in faith.”  To continue walking towards a better day, even when there seemed to be zero evidence that better days were to come.  And within this challenge I found opportunity – and a life lesson.  The lesson was:  To improve your life – focus on helping to improve someone else’s.

A Year of Renewal  – Over the course of the last two years, I have received many gifts:  words of encouragement and support, advice as to taking the next step and then another, connections, resources, money and opportunities – all were presented to me freely and willingly.  And in turn, I did what I could to reciprocate this to those who needed the same from me.

For those of you who have played a role in this, know that I am forever grateful.

Lights at the end of the tunnel – This past year has been amazing really.   The fall semester’s Intro to Entrepreneurship class at Shenandoah’s School of Business was the first class to use my book as a part of the course curriculum.  Speaking in front of about 50 students, I presented additional insights and fielded tough and thoughtful questions- something I’m hoping to be able to do with future generations of students…

I successfully launched The Lazarus Group and most importantly, was presented with about a half dozen short-term projects with various startups, leading to two great clients (one an old and dear friend and business man and another new to me).  What makes them great?  Well, they both had very interesting complex projects with which I could create great value in addressing.  The results have been the creation of another book:  “The Five Pillars to Prosperity:  Essentials of Faith-based Wealth Building,” penned by Yaqub Mirza and the other a very interesting startup due to fire up in 2011.

Along the way, I was happy to donate about 15 hours to advise F.A.I.T.H. a mature non-profit organization based in Herndon and take on a budding entrepreneur whose making a big splash in the networking and event creation world.  It feels good to be providing value for others and god willing, this will only continue in the coming years.

2011 – Another book in the works – Next year, I’m looking to continue to develop and grow my consulting practice and in conjunction with one of my oldest friends, set to write my second nonfiction work.  This book will focus on and walk the reader through using enterprise architecture to transform a business.  This is something that is occurring extensively within the U.S. Government – we’re looking to bring these practices and strategies to Main street.  We’re aiming for a Summer release – fingers crossed…

The “Real” Project for 2011 – I’ve ended 2010 immersing myself in personal development, psychology and prosperity consciousness thinking.  I wanted to end the year strong, by planting the seeds for the coming year’s “harvest.”

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.
The mind is everything. What we think we become.” — Buddha

It’s my hope and wish that all of you find yourselves thriving in 2011 and beyond.

Wishing you the best New Year to come.




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