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The metaphor that comes to mind when thinking of my life and what is being accomplished is: Phoenix. Why “Phoenix?” Because it feels like I’m just beneath the surface and need to break free by rising up and stepping up and into the person I’m meant to be: My best self.

I’ve spent too much time acquiring knowledge and not enough living life based on what I know. I’m gifted; creative, to the point where I’ve lived years in “imagination” vs. the present. The promise of a better tomorrow for some can be very seductive and addictive and I’ve experienced both.

Now, I’m stripped bare; faced with real changes and opportunities that no amount of wishing or dreaming can accomplish. There is real work to do and that work must be done in the present, right now.

Objective: Point blank: I want a Future that I’d want to live in.

Why is this important? It’s probably obvious to most people doing personal development work: I’m awake and can’t pretend not to know what I know. Once I learned (and accepted) that I create my own heaven or hell – that’s it: you then have to go about the business of creating that heaven or hell. I want to experience what a great life looks and feels like.

Why now? It’s like the Universe has said: “He’s still not getting it. Take away his rose-colored glasses; in fact, shatter them.” Okay, message received: choose.

I choose to fight for it…

Bob Doyle asks: “How have you been stopped before? (what are the blocks?)” I almost laughed out loud at that question, but I sobered up and wrote it down in big fat capital letters.

The “blocks” have been many: not really being grateful for what I have; not really operating from a place of love; FEAR in getting x result – FEAR in not getting x result and finally the big “B” (now, not the 5-letter word but the six-letter one: BELIEF).

The other blocks were: Relying too much on my Intellect and Getting access to great information, learning and knowledge – WHILE NOT APPLYING IT in my life.

“Who looks outside; dreams. Who looks inside; awakes.” – C. Jung

What do I want from the readers of this blog: Well, if the spirit moves you and there is a thought or suggestion that comes to mind that you think might help me, then I would appreciate hearing about it. My primary plan this year forward is to keep myself open to helping others – with no agenda or reciprocation necessary. It’s about energy right now, and the fastest way for me to get this done is to help others – at least this is my belief. If I can do this, I should be able to attract the right things in my life.




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Gratitude. One of the things I struggle with mastering. It should be something as natural as breathing, and for some I’m sure it is. For me, it has to be learned and consciously focused on until it becomes a habit. Of all the things a person could be addicted to, Gratitude would be one fine addiction!

So in keeping with my objectives this year, gratitude plays a vital part. In my exploration, I ran across the following little gem. Take from it what you will…~C

Did you know that there is an effective and an ineffective way to express gratitude?

Unfortunately, the ineffective way is far more common.
It is sort of the default form of gratitude that most people fall into. I was stuck here for a really long time until I found a far more powerful way to practice gratitude, one that moved me into perfect alignment with abundance and greatly accelerated the Law of Attraction.

First, let me talk about the ineffective way to express gratitude. This is gratitude that you express that is related to what is happening in your life right now.

It is closely related to the gratitude and appreciation we learn to express as children (i.e. to say thanks) and that is probably why it is often the default and why so many people get stuck here.

Ineffective gratitude includes things such as:
* your health
* your relationships
* your material posessions
* your friends and family
* a nice vacation

I am not saying that there is anything wrong with this form of gratitude. All I am saying is that it is not nearly as powerful as what I am about to show you.

Often the problem with the above form of gratitude is that it comes from a place of lack. If you have ever expressed gratitude while thinking “at least… I am healthy, or at least I have a great family” then you know what I mean.

This form of gratitude is extremely week because it is based on the present circumstances. In other words, this form of gratitude is conditional. It makes it sound that you are grateful “only if you have good health, a great relationship, etc.”

Unfortunately, conditional gratitude fails to activate the law of attraction. The universe does not respond to conditional requests.

The second form of gratitude is complete in that it is a celebration of life itself, for all the experiences you are having. One other key difference is this.
Effective gratitude comes from an underlying attitude vs. a temporary focus on one item or thing to be grateful for.

With practice, this holistic form of gratitude can become second nature. When it does, the law of attraction will flow far more easily into your life.

The more powerful form of gratitude includes items such as:

* your life
* this awesome planet
* for being who you are
* for future events
* for problems, challenges, and hardships
* for your mistakes
* for your mind
* for your freedom

In other words, you become grateful for this amazing journey of your life regardless of what happens and where it takes you because you know that it is just right for you and that everything is happening for a reason.

When you are expressing effective gratitude, fear and loss disappear. There is no focus on any lack and when you reach this state, that is when abundance can truly start flowing into your life.

Being grateful for what you have in your life (your health, relationships, etc.) has its place. But when you start feeling truly grateful for everything that is happening in your life and open your heart, you will be amazed at how quickly the universe will start to answer.

So, start creating these feelings now, even in the most unlikely or unpleasant circumstances and notice how you begin to attract whatever you focus on into your life.

Source: www.GratitudeLog.com

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This past weekend I gave myself the gift of death. For a few days, I gave up the future, all notions of a “future” – faced with working on a “life plan” I found that I just couldn’t (or wouldn’t) scribe any notion of the future, even a year out. I discovered something – having a future is to live in a mild state of sadness.

I’ve never had a future that manifested as envisioned – it was always different, and sometimes presented pleasures previously unimagined – and pain previously never experienced. But it’s always the same: What time is it? Now Where are you? Here.

And the past? – Like tags in a blog, recalling the past is 100% inaccurate to what was actually lived, experienced. The past and the future are used by the conscious mind to maintain firm, absolute control over our Identity. And it doesn’t matter if our identity was built by chance (situations, circumstances, opinions of others) or on purpose. There is a code, a master program that is running our life and dictating the experiences we are having and that determines the meanings we place on those experiences.

So, I gave myself a gift this weekend – I decided to forget about the future and instead focused on one question: “If I can be anyone, anything, who would I be?” I’m still working on this answer, but in asking the question I gained a sense of freedom I haven’t ever experienced as an adult. With no future, I’m forced to really see and live in the present. And believe me when I tell you there are things in the present which are less than desirable-no surprise there.

The surprise was seeing quite a few things that are actually pretty amazing – These things have been around me all this time, but in seeing the present vs living in imagination, it was like a fog lifted and the things in my life that give me joy pleasure suddenly “popped” into my awareness. I rediscovered the beauty of the persian art I have on my walls – paintings I haven’t really looked at – or even acknowledge for 5 years now; photo books from trips I’ve made to Africa, Canada and St. Thomas; a pretty substantial library filled with books on healing, psychology, personal development and believe it or not poetry.

It was like a blindfold was ripped off my eyes and I could see all of this great “wealth” that surrounds me.

It’s clear that as I gain clarity in my life and face and embrace the present moment, the Universe in return is determined to reveal the abundance that already surrounds me…

My life plan will reveal itself to me, when I finish answering the question: If I can be anyone, anything, who would I be?

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Yesterday I went deep – exploring EFT. While listening to Carol Look’s podcast, I discovered some very profound insights from Emanuel Swendenborg, an enlightened soul who lived in the late 1700s. What follows are some of the key takeaways:

Experiencing Heaven or Hell while living on Earth:
Keys to living in Heaven – Focus on what is Life Sustaining

The most profoundly life sustaining things; things that live in Heaven that you can give your attention to are:

I don’t have love, I am love
I don’t have God Consciousness, I am God Consciousness
I don’t have value, power and worth – I AM IT

And as God Consciousness:
I can’t create a learning experience that I don’t need
Everything I am doing is bringing me enlightenment and I can be grateful for it

I can trust my human experience
I can trust where I am going
I can trust what I am doing

These things live in Heaven.

“We have to live according to what we love – if you give your attention to a limited thing (how am I going to pay the bills; everyone is going to be happy except me, tec.), you have to live within the confinds of that…

If you give your attention to an unlimited truth, you get to live in an unlimited place

And if you give your attention to a limited thing, you have to live within the confinds of that

“The human experience is such a profoundly spiritually accelerating opportunity. Because when we as spiritual creatures come to the planet, and inherit the physical body, it comes complete with the nervous system. So here on the Earth, we have to “feel” the consequences of what we give our attention to…”

Focus on what is life sustaining, unlimited – until you feel it. The nervous system keeps it real, keeps you honest…

“My car accident” “The car accident”

Focus until you FEEL IT – The feeling body is the ultimate higher truth barometer …The intellect has a very supple talent of deceiving us (“Oh no no no we’ve already dealt with this…”)

Trama – car accident – you talk about it for 3 months – you own it “My car accident” it’s just an experience: “The car accident”

YOU are a force of Diviine Love, so when a car accident appears in your life – you don’t keep owning it. It’s “the car accident” it’s not who you are…

Languaging is extremely important in letting these experiences come and go, to get through it which we are designed to do…


There are two forks in the road: One fork, you are only as good at something as you have practiced at – most of us are very practiced at being self-judgemental, self-critical, and self-diminishing.

The other fork in the road – “If you are looking for the magic door that leads to an elevator that opens where you can get in to it and you can start ascending – it’s GRATITUDE. Start practicing being grateful for the health that you do have, the money that you do have, the people in your live that love, encourage and support you today and allow yourself to be possessed by an attitude of gratitude because what that does is that it focuses your attention towards what lives in an unlimited place. It allows you to start living a heavenly existance.”

To make a radical shift in your life – Gratitude is the accelerator…


You have to accept where you are right now and it doesn’t mean you have to be stuck…

You can’t change what you are not conscious o “Accepting where you are will allow you to take the journey to change”

The Universal Truth – There is only the One; there is always infinite abundance (There is only one God) – one Love, one Life, one Abundance and we are all sharing it…

Ego – Frontal Lobe- Designed for solving limited problems in a limited world (pay bills, balance checkbook, dress, droom) Deceptive. It resists acceptance; ego contaminants the present moment because it wants to blame it for x…

The EGO subtly hates the present moment – prefers reliving the past, living in the future

It’s a temporal problem solver…

5% of your daily life are you solving a temporal problem in a temporal world

Relationship problems – can’t be solved by the ego/intellect…

The Swedenborg Foundation: www.swedenborg.com

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Good Morning:

Today, I’m focusing on generating value and attracting financial abundance into my life. In fact, I may spend the remainder of the year doing so. In preparation, I went looking at some of my old journals dealing with abundance and these declarations leaped off the page at me. Since a lot of us are focused on resolving lack and attracting abundance, I’m sharing my notes.

A Gentle Suggestion:

DO NOT READ THESE DECLARATIONS YET. Instead, print out 2 copies of this blog post. Then:

1. Find a quite place where for the next 10 minutes you won’t be disturbed (no emails, cell phones, people, whatever)
2. WIth a pen in hand, take one of the copies and slowly read each declaration.
3. After reading a declaration, make a note if your immediate reaction was (“agree,” “bull,” “no way,” “not me” or “can’t happen”) also pay particular attention to whether or not you have a strong reaction positively or negatively (“this is me” “I deserve this” “I don’t deserve this” etc.).
4. It’s okay if you get emotional – JUST KEEP GOING

When you’ve gone through the list, take a minute and settle yourself, then calmly go back through the list. On the 2nd copy, place a check mark next to any declaration you’ve indicated that you are aligned with. Draw a small square next to those declarations that you had an adverse or negative reaction to and finally place and “X” next to the declarations that you felt you aren’t deserving off.

You’ve just completed a rough roadmap, which indicates the degree that you are aligned to financial abundance.

This is basic, and of course you can create addtional declarations, but this is a good way to test. To resolve, use any number of great methods found throughout BLC – meditation, EFT, Psych-K, whatever. Just close the gap…



Affirming Declarations to Attract & Benefit from the Presence of Money…

Tap or meditate away. Rinse. Repeat…. :o)

“My inner world creates my outer world.”

“What I heard about money isn’t necessarily true. I choose to adopt new ways of thinking that support my happiness and success.”

“What I modeled around money was their way. I choose my way.”

“I release my non-supportive money experiences from the past and create a new and rich future.”

“I observe my thoughts and entertain only those that empower me.”

“I create the exact level of my financial success!” “I have a millionaire mind!”

“My goal is to become a millionaire and more!”

“I commit to being rich in all areas of my life.”

“I think big! I choose to help hundreds, thousands of people!”

“I promote my value to others with passion and enthusiasm.”

“I am an excellent receiver. I am open and willing to receive massive amounts of money into my life.”

“I choose to get paid based on my results.”

“I always think ‘both’.”

“I focus on building my net worth!”

“I am an excellent money manager.”

“My money works hard for me and makes me more and more money.”

“I am committed to constantly learning and growing.”

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The Twelfth Meditation: Revelation

I turn away from the world about me to the world of consciousness that lies within. I shut out all memories of the past, create no images of the future. I concentrate on my being, on my awareness. I slide deep into the very recesses of my soul to a place of utter repose. Here I perceive fact in the making, am conscious of the one being from which all beings spring. I know that this is immortal Self, this is God, this is me. I am, I always was, I always will be. All me, all things, all space and time and life are here in the depths of my soul. Smaller than small, greater than great meet and unite in me.

That which I thought I was, ego, I never was at all, for it was a changing thing, mirroring the seasons and the tides, a thing to be born and grow and die. I am not a thing of time or circumstance. I am spirit, pure and eternal, birthless, deathless and changeless. I am patient, for I am all time; I am wise, for I contain the knowledge of all things.

I know not pain, for I see there is no beginning and no end, and who suffers pain must see beginning and end. I am rich, for there is no limit to the abundance I may create from my very Self. I am successful, for I need only myself and I am all things. I unite, I fuse, I become one with Universal Subconscious Mind.

The mask of vanity and ego I shall never wear again. I perceive the magnificent Dweller at the center of my consciousness, and I know Him to be my very self. Time and space, shadow and substance, what matter these? I am God, I am Spirit…

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The Eleventh Meditation: Immortality

I know that I am pure spirit, deathless, birthless, changeless, and eternal. I am not body; I am not Conscious Mind; I am not ego. I am sense of Self only, consciousness, awareness, unadulterated being. The presence that animates all life is within me, is altogether the real me.

I am using my body for a purpose, as an expression of an idea, and when the idea is fully expressed, through my work and my mission, I shall return again to unity with universal Self, leaving body and ego behind. I do not confuse my body and my ego with what I truly am. My body is simply an instrument for my expression, and my ego is simply memory of physical experience.

Returning to infinity and unity, I shall need neither body nor ego. I am free of the domination of the ego. It is not my true self, is simply an illusion necessary to finiteness and the perception of space and time. I turn away from the ego, withdraw into the depths of my being to the immortal consciousness that lies within. Here in this magic center my word is law. I need only speak it with faith and conviction, and it will manifest in my life. I am calm and serene, sure and unfaltering, for my roots are in eternity.

All the things of life shall change and pass away, but I shall never pass away, for wherever life is I shall be, one with Universal Subconscious Mind. I need not strive or strain to attain immortality, nor fear punishment, nor aspire for reward.

The Kingdom of Heaven awaits all, the wise, the foolish, the sinner, and the saint, for we are all one in reality, clothed in different forms in this moment of incarnation. I do not fear death, for by it, I attain the consciousness of higher Self. Neither do I invite death, for it must wait until my work is done. I forsake the ego, perceive self in Self, see the majesty, the grandeur, the immortality of the power that dwells within.

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